On 2009-04-01, Niek Bergboer <niekbergb...@gmail.com> wrote:
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> -rw-rw-r-- � 1 guest � �everyone 91892436 Sep 13 �2003 Sent Items.dbx
> [...snip...]
> Mostly as expected. However, wget then tells me:
> The sizes do not match (local 91892436) -- retrieving.
> ftp://username:*passwo...@server/some/remote/dir/Sent%20Items.dbx
> ... and gets the entire ~90MB file again, despite the fact that the
> sizes are in fact equal. This seems to occur for all files >=
> 10,000,000 bytes.
Can you reproduce it?

I tried to reproduce it, but without any success. I mirrored
subdirectory with file (having same size, date and name as yours) from
vsftpd FTP server running on Linux using wget-1.11.4 to Linux client. On
second mirror I got message:

Remote file no newer than local file `router/pub/TEMP/testdir/Sent
Items.dbx' -- not retrieving.

So for some reason your wget does not check timestamp.

-- Petr

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