Issue #2585 has been updated by yggdrasil.

swildner wrote:
> Please try 

I hope I applied the patch and followed man build correctly, but this didn't 
change anything. For now, I replaced the card with a 3ware, here at least the 
passthrough works properly, only the 3dm2 tool to manage it seg faults on start.

Thanks anyway.

Bug #2585: Dfly 3.4.3 on ESXi 5.1, HP Smart Array P410 passthrough recognised, 
but not functioning

* Author: yggdrasil
* Status: New
* Priority: Normal
* Assignee: swildner
* Category: 
* Target version: 
Just installed 3.4.3 in an ESXi on Proliant DL180G6. I wanted to use 3 disks 
attached to the Smart Array P410 in RAID5 mode solely for Dfly/HAMMER for 
backup purposes, so I configured it as passthrough in ESXi, rebooted and 
installed Dfly. Neither during installation, nor afterwards could I access the 
RAID5 array on the P410. ciss0 gets created, but seems to be malfunctioning. 
During boot, Dfly waits for some time after the line
ciss0: PERFORMANT Transport
before continuing.
Could #1579 be related?

All the best

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