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loglevel trace8 of a session that has the problem

This shows the following series of event:

Request to /test/first.html in tab #1, which loads the basic html and some
The javascript of first.html then does an ajax request to /test/longpoll.php
which hangs for 30 seconds.
This phase is clearly visible because of the 30 second long period of:
OpenSSL: I/O error, 5 bytes expected to read on BIO#558423e82670

2 seconds after the longpoll.php request is initiated, i open another tab #2 to
/test/second.html. This one does not really show up in the log just yet.

After the longpoll in Tab #1 finished, the log says:
AH02034: Subsequent (No.3) HTTPS request received for child 2 (server

Which goes to /test/second.html and finished immediately.

Anything else i could provide to help solve this?

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