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--- Comment #13 from Todd Vierling <> ---
(In reply to ysdev from comment #12)
> > In all seriousness: I can't do anything to fix or help a 404.
> You're approaching this thing from a very narrow minded point of view. For
> you, 404 errors are apparently forced on your server from someone on the
> outside, possibly even with ill intent.
> From my perspective, 404 errors happen when I link to files that don't
> exist, and so the huge majority of 404 errors I'm seeing are caused by *me*,
> until I fix my site.

And you have a way to get them anywhere you want, without them being logged to
error_log at the same level as major server problems: mod_log_config. You can
even use CustomLog's expression support to log only 404s to a file of their
own, if you prefer. And you get to choose how they're logged, including
translated path and everything else you could need.

Or just set the error log level to info if you want all content related errors
(there are more than just not-found errors logged at this level, and by the
same argument above, you may want to see those too).

The problem fixed by this bug is that major server errors and content-missing
errors had the same log level -- so the former could be drowned out by the
latter, or the former would disappear completely if the error log level were
tuned to avoid warning level messages.

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