--- Comment #2 from Rainer Jung <> ---
@Luca: it seems to me this is not using php-fpm, but instead in process

@Francois: you are using a multi-threaded httpd MPM (event). Although your PHP
build seems to be a thread-safe build, often it is not clear which extensions
are really thread-safe. Can you try with the single-threaded prefork MPM and
see, whether your core dumps still happen or not? As an alternative you could
think about using PHP-FPM eg. together with mod_proxy_fcgi. That setup runs PHP
processes in a separate external process pool and httpd and PHP communicate via
the FCGI protocol. That setup is the more modern setup. It's only drawback is,
that .htaccess in your php application might no longer work. If that happens
you need to transform .htaccess files into normal httpd config.



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