Hello -

So, I have kinda seen this for a little while but haven't had time to

A way I can reproduce this.

I have a laptop with iwn0 and bge0, with trunk0
$ cat /etc/hostname.trunk0
trunkport bge0 trunkport iwn0 trunkproto failover
inet6 autoconfprivacy
inet6 autoconf

My router is OpenBSD running rtadvd.  If that machine panicks, even
after I restart it, IPv6 is broken on my laptop until I: 
 # ifconfig trunk0 destroy
 # sh /etc/netstart trunk0

All non-OpenBSD devices on the network start working with IPv6 after the
router comes back up.

I'll try to test this further when I have time, but when the router is
down, people yell. :)

- David

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