On current, there seem to be two problems with lo(4) interfaces:

1. "ifconfig lo6 up" fails

 # ifconfig lo6 create 
 # ifconfig lo6 up     
 ifconfig: SIOCSIFFLAGS: Inappropriate ioctl for device
 # ifconfig lo6 destroy

The sys/net/rdomains regress test fails because of this, and i think
sys/net/if.c rev 1.473 might be the cause.

It still works on a kernel from early December.

2. "ifconfig lo6 destroy" fails on an interface in an rdomain

 # ifconfig lo6 create  
 # ifconfig lo6 rdomain 6
 # ifconfig lo6           
 lo6: flags=8008<LOOPBACK,MULTICAST> rdomain 6 mtu 32768
         index 12 priority 0 llprio 3
         groups: lo
 # ifconfig lo6 destroy
 ifconfig: SIOCIFDESTROY: Operation not permitted

This has been broken a bit longer, it still works in 6.0.

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