#3333: Automate Conversion of Newlib Markup to Sphinx
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 = Incorporate Newlib Documentation into POSIX Users Guide =

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 == Mentors ==
 Chris Johns
 Joel Sherrill

 == Status ==

 Looking for funding.

 = Introduction =

 RTEMS uses the Newlib C Library for a significant portion of its POSIX
 support. Newlib profiles most of the C99 Standard C Library including the
 math library (e.g. libc and libm). Currently, the RTEMS POSIX Users Guide
 will either not include documentation for these methods or provide
 documentation for a method not based on Newlib's.

 At this point, there is not a detailed design. This project is currently a
 desired capability.

 = Project =

 Newlib uses a project specific markup to include per method documentation
 embedded in the source code. There is a collection of programs (makedoc*)
 that read a source file, extract the embedded documentation, and output a
 specific markup format. Texinfo and Docbook are currently supported with
 host programs written in C or Python.

 This project involves writing a program or modifying an existing program
 to output Sphinx markup as is used by the RTEMS Documentation. Python is
 preferred for the source program. The Sphinx output will be one file per
 method and this output must be integrated into the RTEMS POSIX Users

 This integration is not a one-time activity. Periodically or at releases,
 the RTEMS Project will want to update those files. Thus integration
 requires defining a process and adding to support to the RTEMS
 Documentation build system and RTEMS Source Builder to enable updating the
 newlib content, building documentation with a specific version of newlib,
 etc. These would be in support of development and release activities.

 == Goal ==

 * Program to generate Sphinx from Newlib source markup.
 * Full integration with RTEMS Documentation Build.
 * Ability to update from a Newlib version.
 * Ability to include output from a specific Newlib version.
 * Proper support of RTEMS Release procedure.

 == Prerequisite ==

 * Knowledge of C programming language.
 * Knowledge of Python programming language.
 * Knowledge of Sphinx.
 * Requires Unix (Linux or FreeBSD) host.

 == Resources ==

 * Current RTEMS developers.
 * Newlib community.

 = Tasks =

 The following are the tasks:

 * TBD

 == Regression Analysis ==

 Automated testing of this capability is desired and must be identified.

 = Acknowledgements =


 = Miscellaneous Sections =

 As the project progresses, you will need to add to the procedural
 documentation of the RTEMS project including the release procedure
 and documentation generation prcedure.

 = References =

 * Sphinx - http://www.sphinx-doc.org/en/master/rest.html
 * Newlib - http://newlib.sourceware.org
 * Newlib documentation conversion tools -
 * Newlib Python utility to produce Doxbook -

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