Doing an 'nmap O -sT' on my FreeBSD 4.2-STABLE box running Bind 9.1.0 as
a cacheing namserver, resulted in this:

Feb  5 22:30:35 tel named[50956]: netaddr.c:231: INSIST(0) failed
Feb  5 22:30:35 tel named[50956]: exiting (due to assertion failure)
Feb  5 22:30:35 tel /kernel: pid 50956 (named), uid 1111: exited on signal 6

Needless to say, I'm not amused. I had been running Bind 8.2.2p5 with no
problems for 70 days on end on this very same machine, until I decided
to upgrade last week for obvious reasons.

'Facts are stupid things!' said the man in control of the nukes.

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