On 20/04/2017 08:37, Magnus Ihse Bursie wrote:

I have two suggestions, but I don't know if either of them is possible:
1) Move the JDWP.java file to jdk.jdwp.agent, and make sure it's properly exported from jdk.jdwp.agent to jdk.jdi. (From my point of view, this seems like the logical thing to do.) In this case, the entire gensrc:ing could move to jdk.jdwp.agent, and possibly even into a single call to the build tool to generate all three files.
JDWP.java is the debugger side of the wire protocol and so jdk.jdi is the right module for this class.

I haven't been following this thread closely but are you planning to move make/data/jdwp/jdwp.spec or the jdwpgen tool? If not then would it help if this tool were updated with an option to to just generate the source files for debugger or debuggee side rather than both? That seems to be your option #2 which I assume would mean running the tool twice.


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