On 2017-05-18 19:10, Brad R. Wetmore wrote:

On 5/18/2017 12:27 AM, Magnus Ihse Bursie wrote:
Looks good. Formally, I believe someone else needs to review it.

Hm...I would have expected your "Contributed-by" and my review would be sufficient (what we do for sponsoring an "author" change), but looks like Erik did review also so we should be fine.

Erik wrote:

> As long as pandoc for windows is always a windows native thing and
> not provided by cygwin this seems good. A quick googling indicates
> that cygwin currently does not provide pandoc so should be fine then.

You are correct in that pandoc is not provded by cygwin, I had to download/install cygdrive separately (grrr...), then set the PANDOC configure option:

     bash configure \
        PANDOC=c:/Users/mydir/bin/pandoc.exe \

That said, I'm not quite following your point about cygwin's noninclusion of pandoc here.

The underlying issue is that the arguments being passed to pandoc aren't being processed correctly.

--toc '/cygdrive/d/java/ws/dev/jdk/src/closed/java.base/share/specs/security/standard-names.md' -o '/cygdrive/d/java/ws/dev/build/windows-x86_64-normal-server-release/support/javadoc/specs/security/standard-names.html'

pandoc.exe: /cygdrive/d/java/ws/dev/jdk/src/closed/java.base/share/specs/security/standard-names.md: openFile: does not exist (No such file or directory)

Changing to the following worked:

--toc 'd:/java/ws/dev/jdk/src/closed/java.base/share/specs/security/standard-names.md' -o 'd:/java/ws/dev/build/windows-x86_64-normal-server-release/support/javadoc/specs/security/standard-names.html'

which is what FIXPATH does, IIUC.

That is indeed what fixpath does, but if pandoc was a cygwin native app, it would accept /cygdrive/x paths. It would probably work fine with x:/ paths as well, but in some cases those windows paths do weird things.

Thanks for the review.



On 2017-05-18 02:07, Brad R. Wetmore wrote:

I've added your suggested fix to spec.gmk.in, which is the minor tweak
to add @FIXPATH@ to allow pandoc to run on windows builds.


I put you down as Contributed-by: with myself as reviewer, but thought
you (and others?) might want to at least check it.



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