On 04/04/2018 22:00, Jonathan Gibbons wrote:

Why bother?  What are you trying to achieve?

Either the boot JDK is JDK 9, or it is JDK 10.  This should be a clear decision.

If internally at Oracle, we use 10, then as soon as code creeps in that relies on 10 features, we've broken the commitment to the community for allowing 9 as a boot JDK.
I agree, it's asking for trouble to have some people using JDK N-2 as the boot JDK, others using JDK N-1. This is on top of keeping boot cycle builds working where JDK N rebuilds itself, keeping the jrtfs and jimage support classes buildable with --release 8, and all the other build complexities. Using JDK N-1 as the boot JDK for the mainstream ports is hardly a burden as the required boot JDK is readily available. I could imagine it might be awkward for some ports that don't cross build but surely that shouldn't dictate how the mainstream builds.


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