Hi Kevin:
I'd like to get a review of this small change to let the jdk8u/hotspot
build system recognise another Microsoft compiler version:

8209359: [8u] hotspot needs to recognise cl.exe 19.13 to build with VS2017.

Diff below, just another if following the same pattern.

Looks good to me.



bash-4.2$ hg status
M make/windows/makefiles/compile.make
bash-4.2$ hg diff
diff -r b4ee249eb1c4 make/windows/makefiles/compile.make
--- a/make/windows/makefiles/compile.make       Tue Aug 07 11:55:44 2018
+++ b/make/windows/makefiles/compile.make       Fri Aug 10 05:26:34 2018
@@ -156,6 +156,9 @@
  !if "$(MSC_VER)" == "1912"
+!if "$(MSC_VER)" == "1913"

  # By default, we do not want to use the debug version of the
msvcrt.dll file

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