On 10/11/2016 07:09 AM, Rowan Sylvester-Bradley wrote:
> I’m afraid I know very little about BusyBox or Linux or Unix, so I am
> starting from square zero. I have a very small microcomputer (a VoCore +
> Dock) which is loaded with BusyBox. I’m not sure what the processor is –
> probably ARM. If possible I would like to run PHP on this device, and to
> run a web server. Are these things available? How do I add them to the
> system? If PHP is not available, is there any other scripting language
> with similar capability (if so I can potentially convert my PHP program
> into this new language). How do I build an application written in C to
> run on this device (this is an existing C program written by me and
> currently running under Windows, which I will obviously need to modify
> to use the features available in BusyBox rather than Windows).

The only embedded php server I'm familiar with is ph7:


I know people have gotten it to work with busybox, but I'm not one of
them. (Might want to ask their devs?)

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