On 11/24/2017 9:09 PM, Deb McLemore wrote:
+                               while (1) {
+                                       fdrc = connect(fdBB2,
+                                       (struct sockaddr *)&bb_addr2,
+                                       sizeof(sa_family_t) +
+                                               BB_SIGNALS_SOCKET_STR_LEN);
+                                       if (fdrc == 0)
+                                               break;
+                                       sleep(1);
+                               }

On 2/14/2018 1:58 PM, Michael Conrad wrote:
This will give you even better "instant boot sequence abort" performance than you would get with the design you're proposing, unless you have some insanely high polling rate in the reboot_helper that you think can actually deliver the signal before init has even forked for the first time.

Sorry, I wasn't paying close enough attention to what you were proposing.  If you have a 1-second sleep, then you're really not trying to block the startup sequence, you're just looking for a way to make sure the signal gets delivered?

...then just


   #! /bin/sh
   while ! -d /proc; do sleep 1; done;
   /bin/busybox reboot

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