On 2/11/20 8:13 AM, Donovan Keohane wrote:
> In adduser in coreutils, the behavior of --disabled-password sets the
> users hash in /etc/shadow to a single asterisk. It looks like busybox
> adduser '-D' option is supposed to be analogous to the behavior of
> coreutils '--disabled-password'.

There is no coreutils "adduser" utility. util-linux does provide a
"useradd" utility, but it does not have any --disabled-password option.
On my Arch Linux system I cannot find any package which provides an
"adduser" utility at all, except for busybox which provides some
nonstandard applet in its multi-call binary, something the usual
repository search tool cannot pick up.

I would have expected busybox adduser -D (why does this exist in a form
so different from the useradd command? At least it doesn't share the
same name, that would be confusing... then again I guess that is why the
unusual name) to do exactly what it I guess does, that is to say, it
disables the feature of automatically prompting for a password, which
means you will need to manually "passwd"/"chpasswd" in order to login.
This emulates the default behavior of util-linux useradd, which creates
an account with a disabled password, and expects you to passwd and
change it.

Is there a problem with this behavior?

Eli Schwartz
Arch Linux Bug Wrangler and Trusted User

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