Actually, I receive the instructor discount for the License manuals. With the 
discount, it comes out to about $22.50 and the ARRL pays the shipping to the 
registered instructors. I’m meeting with the officers at the Elks Lodge tonight 
to find out if we have any grant money left over from one of the other programs 
that can cover the cost of the manuals for the Scouts. I don’t foresee any 
problem getting money from the grant, but it depends if we have any money left 
from out other programs (they usually over-budget the other programs so there 
should be money left over). 


I’ll let you know more after our meeting tonight.


Philip Hudson



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I'll defer to Rick as to the class length. 


Eric, what are your thoughts on adding an hour or two to the Tuesday meeting, 
for several weeks, for a radio session? Would that be too much time for the 
kids on a school night?


As to cost for license study, there is the ARRL book at $29, the instructor 
discount gets the price down to $25. Amazon has the book for $23 (plus 


Another alternative, which may be more adaptable to the scouts schedule, is 
have them do a combined course of live sessions and online tutoring. This might 
be better for achieving both the merit badge and a license.  

Check out "Ham It Forward"


HamItForward - A better way to Elmer people into ham radio! 





HamItForward - A better way to Elmer people into ham radio!

Let the computer handle the drudgery of exam preparation, freeing hamstructors 
to Elmer the students into ham ra...




A book for each student may not then be needed, and the cost is $20 (minimum 
5).  Thoughts?










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Rick Hiller, Mark Janzer, and Philip Hudson,

Thank you for responding to my email about offering a licensing class and merit 
badge class to our scouts.  I was not sure if anyone would respond and I ended 
up with three people wanting to help.

I have a feeling that the three of you may know each other so I figured I would 
respond back to all of you at the same time. Your emails to me complemented 
each other. Rick has some past experience teaching the Radio Merit badge, 
Philip is a registered instructor with the ARRL, and Mark has been waiting for 
the opportunity to help teach scouts about radio.  If the three of you are able 
to work together to offer both a licensing class, and a merit badge class that 
would be great.  (If you prefer to work alone, that works too just let me know).

Here are some more details and questions:

Our trip to Guadalupe peak is in June of 2017.  We are flexible on dates and 
timing for a ham radio class depending on your availability and preferences.  
My only request is that the classes not be on Friday nights or Saturdays.

How many hours of instruction do you think we need? Would you prefer one long 
Sunday, or several short weekday evenings.

Our Troop usually meets on Tuesday nights at 7pm at Congregation Beth Israel. 
Most of our scouts live in the Meyerland and Bellaire area, but we can travel 
for a class anywhere in the greater Houston area.

I do not know how many scouts in our troop are interested yet.  I would 
estimate that we would have less than 10 scouts.  If there is a minimum number 
you would like to have to make the class worth your time, please let me know. 
We could extend an invitation to other troops in our area to increase the class 

Do you have an estimated cost for any expenses that our scouts may need to 
procure? Philip mentioned a discount on one of the ARRL books.

Similar to other large organizations there may be some paperwork you will need 
to fill out as a counselor. The BSA requires Merit Badge Counselors to be 
registered and take the BSA Youth Protection Training (YPT) Online. 
Registration has to be done every year however YPT is good for two years.  I 
will help with BSA registration as needed.

Thank you again for your support.

Eric Lieb

Assistant Scoutmaster

Troop 806

281-221-4992 <>  


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GM.   What time period/frame are you thinking about?  


Once a week at meetings or maybe on a few Saturdays, etc.?


How many boys?    Location?


I was a SHAC merit badge councelor for Radio a few years ago, but I have not 
been a registered Scouter for quite a few years.  Used to do the merit badge 


Just gathering information to see if I can help you out.


Thanks and 73...Rick Hiller  

           The Radio Hotel  -- W5RH


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Cell:        832-474-3713



On Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 11:48 PM, Eric via BVARC < 
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My name is Eric Lieb, I am an Assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 806 in the 
Myerland area. Our scouts are planning a trip next year to Guadalupe Peak 
(Tallest peak in Texas), Carlsbad Caverns, and El Paso. 


We will be out of cell phone range for most of the trip. ‎This is a perfect 
opportunity to encourage our scouts to earn and use a ham radio license.


I am looking for someone in the ham community that might be willing to teach a 
licensing course to our scouts. If the scouts can also complete the Radio Merit 
Badge that would be a huge plus. 


Please let me know if you are interested or able to help. You can respond 
directly to me at my call sign email ( 
<> ) or through my other email in the signature line. 


Thank you for your support.


Eric Lieb

Assistant Scoutmaster

Troop 806

281-221-4992 <>  






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