I am about to pull the trigger on a hex beam myself.  I
think that the K4KIO kit is about the best from my brief
research, but a couple of things:

1) The HB configurations these days seem to be the
broad band (max 2:1 SWR) design like the K4KIO and
I do prefer this design over the classic HB.
2) Definitely get a choke balun ferrite kit for the coax
to reduce common mode sneak currents on the coax
shield's outer surface.
3) Unless you plan to use 12M., you may want to not
wire this band in as it does somewhat impair the 10M.
performance due to the closeness of the bands.

Gary K5AMH

On 10/18/2016 11:44, Rob McClure via BVARC wrote:
Hello all,

Does anyone in the club have any of these hexbeams?

If yes can you respond off list? I'd like to ask a few questions since I'm ready to buy one.

73, Rob, KC5RET

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