Once again the 10-10 Contest is THIS WEEKEND!


While we don't expect band conditions to be great, all of us in the local
Houston SHOT 10-10 Chapter would appreciate your contacts to help our score.
We will (as always) hold special nets for locals at 8pm, both Friday and
Saturday night on 28.488. if you have a rotatable antenna, I live in
Richmond and Mike, N5MT will either be transmitting from his home near the
Astrodome or from Pat's KJ5Y remote down south of town. We would appreciate
your contacts.


If you are a member, please be sure your dues are paid up so you can credit
the local chapter.


If you are not a member, you can most likely collect enough numbers on
Friday night to be able to submit your application to www.10-10.org
<http://www.10-10.org>  and get your number by Saturday. We have done this
many times in the past.


So I hope to see many of you this weekend (between the other contests) and
good luck to everyone!




Allen R. Brier N5XZ #4530

1515 Windloch Lane

Richmond, Texas 77406-2553

(281) 342-1882 (Home)

(713) 705-4801 (Cell)


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