Still in urgent need of a Monday Night Net NCS for tonight.

Any takers?

Thanks.....Rick -- W5RH


Hello all,

The Monday Night Net has a dedicated group of NCS – Net Control Stations
that religiously slot into their day of the month assignment.   Dave-EKW
has Monday #1; Bill- FQX has Monday #2;  *X?X?X? – has Monday #3;* Clint-HDF
has Monday #4 and Terry-PGF has Monday #5 (when it happens).

So you can see that we are looking for YOU to step up and volunteer to fill
in on Monday #3 and replace  X’s that appear.

If you would like to volunteer or just ask questions about becoming a NCS,
please contact me, Rick – W5RH   or  832-474-3713


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