Suddenly, the signal levels on the MMTTY scope seem to be very low. In
addition, only the loudest signals are decodable. Nothing in my
configuration has changed (that I know of) except that I did an upgrade to
the microHAM micro KEYER II firmware. (I am not saying that is the cause,
but the only thing that I know of that has changed). I have been using FT8 a
lot these days, but I don't see how that can make a difference.

Rig: K3/P3

Interface: micro KEYER II v6.12 with Device Router v8.8.4.

I have checked all cables and setting that I know of to set. Audio levels
are mostly set to max and yet the cross hair display on MMTTY shows low
levels. In addition, the audio seems distorted on receive (at least the
image is distorted). On transmit, all levels are normal and the image is

Any ideas??



Allen R. Brier N5XZ

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