I like your enthusiasm. Can you clarify a few things?

How many Hams do you need?
How long will they need to be there?
What are you trying to achieve by sitting Hams in the lobby of a VA


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> Hey BVARC folks,
> I went to see the volunteer adminstrator at DeBakey VA hospital.  There is
> an open forr there for veteran outreach.  Our first step is routinely set
> up a table in the lobby area to offer information about ham radio that is
> tailored for vets. I am working on that collateral now.   The challenge I
> see ahead is that the ham radio information table will have to be setup
> during regular hours during the work week.  It is not needed during all
> business hours,  but a few each month.  Still being a working man,  I am
> not able to take off enough time to really gather any steam with that
> effort.
> Maybe there are a few of you retired folks who are willing to help me with
> this project.  Membership in the Legion is not required. WE are not there
> to sell the Legion,  just ham radio.   If you are available to help me
> reach our to our vets at the VA hospital for up to four hours per month,
> please  contact me by email.  I will give more detail about the effort and
> can provide all the support, equipment and collateral material needed to
> make this work.
> From the first trip there,  i found a key volunteer who is now studying
> for his ham license.   He will be of some help to get things going.
> Thank you,
> Bob Hawkins
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