I just took down my OB 11-3 Optibeam antenna
<http://www.optibeam.info/index.php?article_id=65&clang=1> &clang=1 ) to
replace it with another Optibeam antenna with 40 meter capability. The OB
11-3 antenna is only five years old and is in excellent shape. It is German
designed and made. Original cost was around $2000 with shipping, but, I will
sell it for $1,000. It is partially dismantled and located near Wharton
Texas, but can be dismantled and shipped by UPS if necessary. Contact me
directly by calling me or sending me and e-mail.


Nizar Mullani K0NM

mull...@tlite.com <mailto:mull...@tlite.com> 

cell 713-306-2246

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