FLEX 5000A + goodies for sale:

I have been the original and only owner of the 5000.  I have always been a non-smoker.  Here are some particulars of what I am offering:

 * Combination Assembly Flex 5000A + ATU S/N: 1708-2169 purchased 5/15/2008
 * Optional second receiver for Flex-5000A: RX2 purchased 6/9/2008
 * Shielded Firewire cable
 * 13.8 VDC wiring plug, short cable, and 4-pair PowerPole connector
 * 3-Port Pyro PCI 64R2 Fireware card with Texas Instruments technology
   for a PC PCI bus (still in original plastic box and never used, as
   my Dell PC came with a Firewire port)
 * Advanced Receiver Research 10-meter preamplifier Model P28VDG with
   two 12-inch shielded BNC cables (made 10 meters come alive)
 * Advanced Receiver Research 6-meter preamplifier Model SP50VDG no
   cables, status unknown (I did not work any 6 meters)
 * Flex 5000A Quick Start Guide
 * RX2 Installation Guide

I am asking $1400 for all of the above items.  I would double-box the radio to include the original shipping box as the inner box.  Shipping and sale only to continental US with insurance is _included_ in that price.

Rich Soltesz - K3SOM
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