> I have a patch that I use on my version of IMAP that does this. I have
> attached it.

I never expected to get a positive answer for my request...
I received a patch... incredible!

> I have also responded because I ma tired of maintining this patch, and
> worrying that it will be too much work to retest it with each release. I
> want to encourage discussion on this list about some sort of extension
> to IMAP to provide this.

I'm new to this list... did you submit your patch to the maintainer of
UW-IMAP in the past?
It could be part of the default release but only activated by some
configuration option.

> The patch hacks the "unix" mailbox driver. Instead of "_" it uses
> ".mail" as a "special" file name.

I agree, ".mail" is more appropriate than "_".
I suggested "_" since it's what my directory mailbox file is called right
now (in order to be the first in the mailbox list).

> The patch used to do the same for the "mbx" mailbox driver

I use the unix driver.


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