On Fri, 22 Aug 2003, Creighton MacDonnell wrote:
> I don't even know if the UW-IMAP devleopment team is interested in input
> of this sort from the user community. I only joined this mailing list
> recently myself.

We intend to support some kind of mailbox-directory function in the
future as an addition (not in lieu) to existing functionality.  The exact
nature of this is still under consideration.

We encourage people such as you to develop and distribute patches, even if
we do not choose to adopt them in the official distribution.  We receive
many suggested patches, and can adopt only a small number of them; but all
suggested patches are carefully considered.

Please send a copy of the patch to me and I will look at it.  If nothing
else, I can offer suggestions for your patch so that it is likely to
remain usable in future releases.

-- Mark --

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