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>From archives/google, I believe Xerces should work on Solaris 11 platform. But 
>has anyone actually tried/ran it on Solaris 11?

A supported version, yes.

>One more scenario I would to clarify/discuss –  Currently, we build Xerces 
>v2.8 on Solaris 10 (SunOS, sun4u, sparc) and it works well on Solaris 10 
>platform. We use Sun Studio 12 compiler. We would like to run it on Solaris 
>11.2 (SunOS, sun4v, sparc) platform w/o changing the build platform. I mean we 
>will continue to build Xerces on Solaris 10 and run it on Solaris 11.

Well, 2.8 is long dead and insecure.

-- Scott

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