On 06/07/17 21:28, Cantor, Scott wrote:
Are you using C++11 in the cmake CI builds on Linux? Just curious...it seems to 
be detecting cstdint there but my autoconf test didn't due to that flag not 
being enabled.

Yes.  It's the


line. This tries to use C++14, then if it fails it will fall back to C++11 and C++98. So it basically puts the compiler into the highest mode it can, and then we perform the feature tests with the compiler in that mode. The <cstdint> checks will fail if the compiler isn't in a suitable mode, and it will fall back to the other types.

I don't think we have an autoconf check for it, so there's nothing to enable it 
if the compiler supports it.

I wrote the Autoconf AC_PROG_CXX support for C++11 back in 2013 (http://www.spinics.net/lists/ac/msg11596.html) but it appears not to have made it into a stable release yet. It might be possible to take a copy of the macro from Autoconf CVS. (This was before I discovered CMake!)


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