> Visual Studio had somewhat lacking C99 support, so it might be problematic
> for older versions.

It's not missing SIZE_MAX though, AFAIK, so Windows isn't really much of a 
concern there.

> Could we not use std::numeric_limits instead?  It should work everywhere,
> and should be better supported than C99?

Possibly, I'm not as familiar with it. If we're referring to size_t in the 
code, which we are, I wanted to be consistent with that. I checked in this 
change for now so I could patch a bug in Base64.cpp, and it's indirecting via 
XERCES_SIZE_MAX, so it's easy enough to change, though hard to test.

I think your cmake check around some of this may be slightly off. It was 
including stdint.h but if you do that in C++, you don't get the MAX macros 
unless you define another macro apparently. I don't get cstdint usable on Linux 
without C++11, so it's falling into the stdint.h part, and I had to alter your 
cmake version to make that work.

-- Scott

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