Dear all,

SVN revision 1824077 is the revision I used to create the following prerelease distribution for testing. Most of the changes are small fixes to the new CMake build following wider testing in the 3.2.0 release, plus some related fixes to the Autoconf/make build, and corresponding changes to the Travis and AppVeyor continuous integration configuration. There are some small but important bugfixes as well.

Distribution files:
$ sha256sum xerces-c-prerelease/*
4700f546cae11bd7c6a4367035db8f0b103e7e7ce994a00cb0ff77c963c6f46f xerces-c-prerelease/xerces-c-3.2.1.tar.bz2 927e26eebeb299517add88d46dccbef3c9a8116230a13e629e34c3945a7628cf xerces-c-prerelease/xerces-c-3.2.1.tar.gz d288825d4b0c6a44d50c9ca670f745ae4a851a08cd4d1e19f7c42f28fc197ae7 xerces-c-prerelease/xerces-c-3.2.1.tar.xz cd8232967dbe15f1bb652039ca6a06a693c05bd679795884fae9f31bed7d5d9a xerces-c-prerelease/

Issues closed: Summary of changes:

Roger Leigh (18):
cmake: XercesTranscoderSelection: Correct typos in variable names breaking use of GNU iconv on Solaris
      XMLString: Don't call catString if relativePath is null
      appveyor: Cygwin git should not override system git
      appveyor: Correct set statement
      appveyor: Don't cache artefacts due to space limitations
      appveyor: Update ICU and ninja versions
      cmake: Add CURL libraries to pkg-config file
      autotools: Allow thread tests to be run in parallel
      util: TransService: Export ArrayJanitor specialisations
      cmake: XercesMutexMgrSelection: Use XERCES_USE_MUTEXMGR_NOTHREAD
      cmake: tests: Don't run ThreadTests when threading is disabled
      Remove the XERCES_USE_CHAR16_T define
      cmake: Add xmlch-type option to configure XMLCh
      autoconf: Add --enable-xmlch options to configure XMLCh
      appveyor: Test XMLCh variants
      travis: Test XMLCh variants
      Remove unused and broken Win32MsgLoader Increment version to 3.2.1

Scott Cantor (2):
      Fill in release date.
      XERCESC-2124 - Typo in XMLUni::fgDOMDisallowDoctype XMLCh array

Kind regards,
Roger Leigh

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