Are you building with the autotools build or the cmake build?

There are two cygwin variants tested with cmake here for :
for the latest commit (, which are building without error at present, at least within the AppVeyor build environment. It's possible there may be some system-specific cause of the failure, but it would require further details and investigation to try and reproduce.

If you didn't try building with cmake on cygwin, could you possibly try that out? You'll need the libcurl-devel and cmake cygwin packages installing.


On 12/09/18 22:21, Denis Excoffier wrote:

Don't know whether it's wise or appropriate to vote +1 and also report an error (minor): on a clean and up-to-date cygwin (windows 10, x86_64, pre-2.11.2), i had to remove the two lines:
*template class ArrayJanitor<XMLByte>;*
*template class ArrayJanitor<XMLCh>;*
to be able to build successfully, otherwise, i don't know why, i get:
*xercesc/util/JanitorExports.cpp:22:16: error: duplicate explicit instantiation of 'class xercesc_3_2::ArrayJanitor<unsigned char>' [-fpermissive]*
* template class ArrayJanitor<XMLByte>;*
*                ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*
*xercesc/util/JanitorExports.cpp:23:16: error: duplicate explicit instantiation of 'class xercesc_3_2::ArrayJanitor<char16_t>' [-fpermissive]*
* template class ArrayJanitor<XMLCh>;*
*                ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

Denis Excoffier.

On 2018-09-12 at 20:05, Cantor, Scott wrote:

I would like to call for a vote to release the RC3 artifact built from svn revision 1840539 as V3.2.2. It's published and signed at [1].

The release notes are at [2].

The issues are build related for the most part, nothing substantive.

I'll hold the vote open through the weekend, as next week is the soonest I can do the upload of a release.

This is my +1.

-- Scott


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