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I am ready to vote but wanted to see a resolution to the build issue.

I thought Scott addressed this in his earlier reply: "That's autotools and since I maintain those scripts and don't support cygwin, you shouldn't expect them to work there. You'd best use cmake, whether it fixes this particular case or not."

Looking at the configure logic, the Cygwin-specific bits appear to have been touched last in 2005 and 2008. There isn't any testing in place for it, and what support there is quite possibly bitrotted. Any regressions to the Autotools Cygwin support were not introduced in this point release.

The CMake support for Cygwin and MinGW is routinely tested and verified to work. https://ci.appveyor.com/project/ApacheSoftwareFoundation/xerces-c/build/1.0.66 is the latest test for the 3.2.2 release candidate, and you can see it's building and passing all the tests with both. So all the sources are working fine with Cygwin and MinGW and we do properly support these platforms. But not with the Autotools.

Given that it's possible to build on Cygwin and MinGW with CMake, I'm loath to spend further time on the Autotools build for these platforms given that they are a bit niche and there's little additional benefit to be gained. If anyone really cares for it, I would hope they would do the work and provide the patches.

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