On July 13, 2016 at 7:32:47 PM, Edward Z. Yang (ezy...@mit.edu) wrote:

The general notion sounds good to me. I’m semi-indifferent between (1)
and (2) though conservatively lean towards the latter.

> - The Travis build must always be green. We should prioritize
> adding more tests for things we care about. Look into regular
> Hackage tests.
> - PR all your changes (so that you can check that Travis is green),
> try to get approval for big changes but BE BOLD.

I’d add

- I don’t break backwards compat for APIs without notice and
discussion, and don’t break backwards compat for any element of cabal
files without lots of discussion.

(and I don’t know what tests would be necessary to help notice this,
but they’d probably be useful!)

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