In a project I have currently some program text embedded as String in the source code. I like to move that to an extra file, such that I can test the program without running the Haskell code and such that non-Haskell programmers can adapt the text. However, I hesitate to use the Data-Files feature of Cabal since this would mean that I can test the Haskell code only after installation of the whole Cabal package including the text file.

Is there a way to use 'cabal repl' with the local version of the text file? This would mean there must be a different variant autogen/Paths_mod.hs, maybe the same file name but in a different directory that is only passed to GHCi by 'cabal repl'. Manageable but certainly surprising? Maybe only available by a new option like 'cabal repl --local-dirs'.

More difficult: Can even 'cabal build' incl. dist/build/prog/prog and 'cabal run' use local data files per request? Certainly not, since dist/build/prog/prog shall just be installed by 'cabal install'.

Alternatively, is there a way to tell GHC to include a file in the executable and provide access to its content? Would there be support in Cabal for this feature?
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