Hi, I’ve posted some Flent results and analysis for point-to-point Wi-Fi using 
LEDE on OM2P-HS (ath9k):


Over 500 runs were done using different configurations, as the effects of 
various changes were explored. In case someone has the time to respond, there 
are a number of questions in red. Whatever feedback I get I’ll try to 
incorporate into a final document. Also, if I’ve made any false assertions I’d 
love to hear about it.

As described on the page, I’m doing this to try to help my cooperative WISP 
here in Czech, and also in case it helps the Bufferbloat project somehow. 
Although much of the new Wi-Fi work is occurring at the driver level, I hope 
it’s not misguided to still explore using the qdisc layer for Wi-Fi, 
particularly in cases where a new Wi-Fi driver can’t be deployed.

These first results are from LEDE on the OM2P-HS, but I hope to get some test 
devices from my WISP soon to test the hardware they’re using (Ubiquiti Wi-Fi 
devices with custom Voyage Linux routers running on a PCengines APU).


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