> On 11 Apr, 2018, at 6:24 pm, Toke Høiland-Jørgensen <t...@toke.dk> wrote:
> So, um, did we cram so many features into Cake that it no longer uses
> less CPU? Can anyone confirm these results?

To be sure about this, it seems wise to configure Cake to turn off as many of 
the new features as possible.  That means selecting "besteffort flows nonat" 
mode at least.

I forget whether simplest.qos correctly uses the built-in shaper with Cake, 
rather than just layering it with HTB as usual.  If not, then of course Cake 
will use more CPU, and we should be grateful that it's by a relatively small 
margin (maybe 15%).

There's also a minor complication in that Cake and fq_codel behave differently 
when handed superpackets.  A fair comparison requires switching aggregation 
modes off for both of them.

All of my working hardware tends to saturate either the link or a PCI bus 
before hitting a CPU limit, so I can't reproduce it locally.

 - Jonathan Morton

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