Hello list members,

I will be calling my first session of "Challenging Dances" soon, and I have a 
few questions:

1. Is there an archived discussion on this topic that any one knows about, and 
if so could someone point me to it?

2. If not, I'm wondering about other callers' experiences with these dances - 
how "challenging" is generally appropriate? (Bear in mind this is not 
Greenfield, Concord, or a similar dance series where it's safe to assume most 
dancers will be very experienced/skilled). What sort of "arc" has worked well 
for such sessions? I know the final program will be determined by the level of 
those who actually show up to the dance, but it'd be nice to start with a 
general frame of reference.

3. Any favorite challenging dances anyone has been having particular fun with 
lately? (I have a good assortment but am always looking for new ones).

Thanks! Chuck
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