Hey all! This dance just popped into my head as part of a discussion over
on the pourparler/family dance community.

I have NO idea if I've just reinvented someone else's wheel or not. Anyone

Working Title: *"I've Got a Bad Feeling About This" *
Suggested Tune: *Cantina Theme*  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g6PDcBhODqo

Eight or more couples, "Big Square" formation

Prep: form up like you're going to do a big circle, then "square the
circle": divide dancers into four equal sets of partners, lined up along
four NSEW walls.
Wave at people across the room, figure out who your opposite pair is.
Sides and Top walls can be slightly different numbers of partners as long
as they match each *other*.

*Side walls advance, right hand allemande* with opposite, retire
*Top walls sashay *to opposite side (if gendered: "Drive in the right lane,
men passing back to back")
*Side walls advance, left hand allemande*, retire
*Top walls sashay* home

Everyone *dosido* partner,
*do-SA-do* partner,
*promenade* to next WALL.

Do the dance four times with calls, four times "on your own"

Possible prep practice: Tops advance, meet/identify your opposite, retire.
Sides in, identify, retire. All promenade to next wall.

Depending on size of hall, number of couples, and experience level/sobriety
of dancers, this could either be cleanly/tightly phrased or a total
pig-pile, sorta like Foula Reel.

I'm going to totally try this at our (small, square-shaped, local,
fun-loving and open-minded) Peirce's Hall this weekend, if Steve Howland
will share the mic for a moment, but before I do:

Does this already exist, and I've just forgotten?
Or anything similar?
Does it work in real life, with the right crowd/band/hall?

Kinda excited to find out...

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