Hi Amy,

              No, no, that’s not what See-Saw means!


              You can see a See-Saw being performed just after 31 seconds into:



              No, just kidding.  😊


Dosido and Seesaw mean lots of different things (I have a contra dance with 
three completely different “Dosidos”!).  Your use of See-Saw is the one most 
contra dancers know, though Modern Western Square Dancing has redefined it as a 
Left Shoulder Gypsy!


You’re in charge! Call it what you like!


            Happy dancing,                          



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Hello again all -- it has been brought (gently) to my attention that I have 
been laboring under a delusion, that I have strayed from the path...

"Do-SI-do, do-SA-do" does not mean back-to-back starting right shoulder, then 
back to back starting left shoulder.

Deep down I know this, I swear, I know they're the same term with different 
accents, but SOMEwhere.SOMEhow I started using the phrase/habit with a 
particular wedding dance and it stuck. No idea why. Total brain fart. 

Thank you, Tony Parkes, for leading me back into the light of truth. 

I'm going to go recite the moves of Moneymusk three times and light a candle to 
Ralph Page and hope that's enough penance.

Please replace the B1 part of my silly Star Wars trash compactor dance with "Do 
Si Do, See-Saw"



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