I picked up a Square Dance break from somewhere that was called the Dixie
Chain Break:

Dixie Chain Break:
Heads Hey for Four with hands – Ladies lead with Right Hand
Sides the same
Heads and Sides do simultaneous Heys – when four are in the middle they do a
Hands Across Star (Ladies Star, Pull the Men in, Men Star, Pull the Ladies

My notes also say that the simultaneous crossed Heys are called a Grand Hey.

The original Dixie Chain was attributed to Bill Owen in 1952 and was just:
Ladies Pull By Right, Pull the Men in by the Left, Men Pull by Right

Quite why the Square Dance community felt the need to give "Three Changes of
a Hey" a special name, when it has been around since at least 1588, I don't
know - but then they did get up to over 5000 calls back in the 1950s...

Warleggan by Joyce Walker is a good four couple dance with a Grand Hey.

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