Hello all,

I was playing around with a new (?) composition; and since it's a 4x4, it's
unlikely I'll get a house-party together to test it any time soon. I'd
appreciate feedback on flow (would it work), timing (is it too much?) and
how you'd teach it. I'm especially curious if something similar exists in
the square dance repertoire; specifically the figure used in B1

Tamlin's Cross
Bent 4x4 (i.e. 4x4 formation, but with couples facing into the middle on an
X, instead of straight up and down in lines of four)

(4) All 8 go into the middle and shout
(4) Gents roll partners away on the way out
(8) Neighbor Do-Si-Do
(16) Neighbor Balance and Swing (square the set and face in)
(8) Gents left hands across star 1x
(8) start passing neighbor you swung by right, all 8 half hey through,
then turn away from neighbor you swung
(16) Partner Balance and Swing
End the swing facing new couple, having swapped sides with your trail-buddy

For the half hey through, all 8 folks are moving at the same time. At the
end of A2, there are couples in head and side position (nobody is with
their partner). The heads are heying up and down, while the sides are
heying across. When four people of the same role come into the middle, what
would normally be a left shoulder pass is (in my mind's eye) half of a left
hand star

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Luke Donforth
luke.donfo...@gmail.com <luke.do...@gmail.com>
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