I wrote the following dance with a Rip and Snort. Due to the slight 
modification and squishy timing of down the hall it works out. I think it 
usually takes about 4 -6 beats in my dance. 

Rip and Snort                                                             
duple improper
Ben Werner                                                                

A1:      (8) Balance the ring, Rip and Snort (1s arch 2s dive through, 
separate, maintaining connection, end in a short facing down the hall line with 
the 1s in the middle.)
            (8) Down the Hall, 2s gate the 1s (1s keep walking forward and 2s 
back up to end with the 2s in the middle and 1s on the outside)
A2:      (8) Up the hall
            (8) Gents Allemande Right 1 1/2
B1:      (16) Partner Balance and swing
B2:      (8) balance the ring, petronella
            (8) balance the ring, California twirl


> On Apr 7, 2018, at 3:11 PM, Tom Hinds via Callers 
> <> wrote:
> I think you're correct about it taking between 4 and 8 beats (more like 6).
> If you want someone to ask, I'm pretty sure Jane Ewing of Alabama wrote a 
> dance with this move in it.
> I don't think that we need to be rigid about the names we use today, but I 
> suspect that historically cowboy loop was for four people and rip and snort 
> was for 8.  There are callers who have been calling longer than I have and 
> can correct me if I'm wrong.
> Tom
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>> On Apr 7, 2018, at 1:12 PM, K Panton via Callers 
>> <> wrote:
>> I've looked in the usual places and came up with only two examples of a 
>> dance with a Rip/Snort (Rip 'n' Snort?) but one is inaccessible online.
>> How many beats does it take to dance a rip/snort for two couples? My brain 
>> says 4 is too short and 8 is too long. I found one dance that pairs it with 
>> a ring balance for a total of 8 beats.
>> I haven't access to "Roll Over Johannes" to see how Becky Hill made use of 
>> it.
>> Thanks
>> Ken Panton
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