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> As for Mad Robin after a Swing, I have several dances with that
> combination:
> Cricket's Flight by Don Veino
> Fiddlers' Fling by Cary Ravitz
> Mad Robin Landing by Will Mentor
> Pigtown Pousette by Cary Ravitz & others
> Robin on a Wire by Will Mentor
> /Andy
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>> I can't remember doing a Mad Robin immediately after a swing so I'm
>> curious how that feels.  This looks like it's a good one for experienced
>> dancers.
>> Tom
> I have several compositions with that transition, including Wicked Smooth
(Becket Version below). What I've found is that it takes a couple of cycles
for some dancers to settle into the transition. It flows well but a
minority of dancers stop/break the flow early on to simply face across when
they come out of the swing - it takes them a beat or two to remember and
get moving CW again. Aware dancers keep their momentum going from the swing
and take or keep inside hands out of it to boost each other into the MR.


*Wicked Smooth – Becket – Don Veino 20170803*

Ladies Chain (to N)
Star Left 1x

With NEXT Neighbors Circle Left 1x
Neighbor Swing

(6) Mad Robin (Gents through center first/CW)
(2) Gents Pass Left to cross
Half Hey (Pass Partner by Right)

Partner Gypsy, Swing

See http://veino.com/blog/?p=1839
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