Hi all,
George Rettie, the NC dancer in the yellow ruler suspenders, passed away
unexpectedly this week. He'd been dancing since at least the 1980's, and it
was a rare dance that he didn't attend. He was always the first to
volunteer (and did, more hours than I can count), personally thanked the
musicians and callers, danced with beginners, dipped everyone beautifully
and frequently, flirted with us all, could call one dance (Gene Hubert's "A
Nice Combination"), brought his children into the dance community, and was
a favorite partner to many, many dancers.

Myra, Adina, and JoLaine are calling a dance that Dean Snipes wrote for
George some years ago. If you're calling sometime soon and are so moved, I
would like to invite you to call it too. If you're dancing, I hope you'll
go up to the stage and thank the musicians and callers, welcome the
beginners, and have an extra-good time.



George is Rettie, Willing, and Able
by Dean Snipes
Indecent (2s crossed), double progression

Neighbor balance & swing

Pass thru across, turn alone
Star R 1x, pull by up and down with your neighbor

New ladies allemande L 1x while gents orbit 1/2 clockwise
Partner swing

Long lines forward & back
Ladies right hand pull by, neighbor allemande L 1.5
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