The dance is at the end of Emily’s email.  Note that it is in “indecent”
formation and a little tricky. As was our dear George.

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> Oh this is so sad.. "Suspenders George" was a good friend and one of my
> very favorite dancers when we toured down that way. George was always
> friendly and always helpful. And he sure was a great "dipper"..
> Please forward the Dean Snipes dance and I will call it next chance I get!!
> bill in Maine
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> Hi all,
> George Rettie, the NC dancer in the yellow ruler suspenders, passed away
> unexpectedly this week. He'd been dancing since at least the 1980's, and it
> was a rare dance that he didn't attend. He was always the first to
> volunteer (and did, more hours than I can count), personally thanked the
> musicians and callers, danced with beginners, dipped everyone beautifully
> and frequently, flirted with us all, could call one dance (Gene Hubert's "A
> Nice Combination"), brought his children into the dance community, and was
> a favorite partner to many, many dancers.
> Myra, Adina, and JoLaine are calling a dance that Dean Snipes wrote for
> George some years ago. If you're calling sometime soon and are so moved, I
> would like to invite you to call it too. If you're dancing, I hope you'll
> go up to the stage and thank the musicians and callers, welcome the
> beginners, and have an extra-good time.
> Love,
> Emily
> ----------------------------------------------
> George is Rettie, Willing, and Able
> by Dean Snipes
> Indecent (2s crossed), double progression
> A1.
> Neighbor balance & swing
> A2.
> Pass thru across, turn alone
> Star R 1x, pull by up and down with your neighbor
> B1.
> New ladies allemande L 1x while gents orbit 1/2 clockwise
> Partner swing
> B2.
> Long lines forward & back
> Ladies right hand pull by, neighbor allemande L 1.5
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