Here is a dance I wrote after a conversation with Will Mentor about this same 
topic. Will suggest the name. I really like the transition from long waves into 
a Hey.

Mentoring Mentor 
Ben Werner    

indecent (1s proper, 2s crossed over) - starting with Larks facing in, current 
neighbor in Right Hand. 

A1:      (8) Long Waves Balance, Box Circulate
            (8) Long Waves Balance, Box Circulate
A2:      (16) Long Waves Balance, ¾ hey: Larks Left, Partner Right, Ravens 
Left, Neighbor Right, Larks Left
B1:      (16) Partner B&S (on ravens home side)
B2:      (4) Pass the ocean* with larks RH in the middle,
        (6) Partner allemande L ½ way, ravens Allemande R ½
        (6) Neighbor allemande L 1 ¼ to long wavey lines
Alternate B2: change the pass the ocean to a pass through across. 
* the pass the ocean is actually a mirror of the typical pass the ocean which 
normally has LH in the middle. You pass Neighbors by Left Shoulder. Of the 
entire dance it seems like this is what confuses people the most, which is why 
at this point I recommend the alternative. 

Ben Werner 

> On Mar 10, 2019, at 10:39 AM, Rich Sbardella via Callers 
> <> wrote:
> "Scootback" would be another easy option after a box circulate for contra 
> dance.  Here is an example:
> Balance wave, Those facing in Allemande (L/R), comeback to same wave and 
> swing (P/N).  Those facing out simply flip and await the swing.
> Here is another with two consecutive scootbacks, but a balance can be 
> inserted between the scootbacks as well.  Balance Wave, Those facing in 
> allemande outfacers loop.  The new dancers facing in now allemande while the 
> new outfaces flip.  Both dancers meet for a swing after the second scootbback.
> I wonder if Bob Isaacs has written one yet?
> By Callerlab definition Scootbpck is 6 beats/steps, but they are often danced 
> in four beats/steps when followed by another scootback or a swing.
> Rich Sbardella
> Stafford, CT
> On Sun, Mar 10, 2019 at 11:00 AM Aahz via Callers 
> <> wrote:
> On Fri, Mar 08, 2019, Isaac Banner via Callers wrote:
> > 
> > I've felt like most box circulate dances use the circulate as a buildup
> > into a swing with *someone*. Looking at
> >, there are only 12 results for dances
> > with a circulate that isn't followed by a swing and 9 of those results
> > don't include their choreography (grumble grumble), so I can't actually
> > confirm that they belong in the result set.
> Square dancing has lots of options, but a lot of those options rely on
> eight dancers in the group.  Two options that seem suitable for contra
> dance:
> * outfacers run
> * hinge (to change wave orientation ninety degrees)
> No time to construct example choreo, but I can work up something if
> people want.
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