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> Two questions:
> 1) We have box the gnat (right hand to right hand), swat the flea (left
> hand to left hand), and star thru (Lark/Gent right hand to Lady/Raven left
> hand). What is the name of the opposite of a star thru (Lark/Gent left
> hand to Lady/Raven right hand)?
MWSD offers one option, probably not a term to use  in a contra setting.

*Arky Star Thru* is a position dependent (rather than dance role dependent

>From Facing Couples.
Beaus do the Boys part, and Belles do the Girls part of a Star Thru.
(Everybody uses the inside hand)
Ends in Facing Couples.

This is not exactly what you asked for, which is to use the OTHER HAND than
typical of your role, but independent of your position.

*Left Star Thru (edited slightly)*
>From a boy facing a girl: boy holds left hand up and girl places her right
palm against it. boy steps forward and does a quarter left as the girl
passes the boy left shoulders under the raised arms and does a quarter
right. Finishes as a couple.

Note that Bob Isaacs uses "Jersey Twirl" for a wrong-side California Twirl
with the Lark going under.

Note that California Twirl (and Jersey Twirl) are 180˚ turns, while Star
Thru and Arky Star Thru are 90˚ turns.

/Andy Shore
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