Hello Shared Weight callers,

I know most of the conversation on this list is very much caller focused.
However, I did want to share the May issue of CDSS's Shop Talk as I know
many of you are also organizers and even if are not, you may still be
interested in some of the topics in this issue.

Take a look below...there are announcements about a web chat focusing on
creating safe dance communities as well as news about a collaborative
project between Shared Weight, some of the other traditional dance/music
listservs, and CDSS.

Here's a link to the issue: https://conta.cc/2HlZOXA
Shop Talk is free and you can sign up here to receive it:

With thanks!
Emily Addison

*In the May issue:*

   - Heads up regarding an article in the upcoming June CDSS News which
   outlines *how to easily plan organizer discussions*.
   - Announcing the *CDSS Web Chat: Building Safe Dance Communities* which
   is happening on July 11th
   - *CDSS Scholarships* still available for camp sessions!
   - News about an *exciting collaboration among organizer, caller, and
   musician listservs*
   - A *survey for Open Bands* to support resource development.
   - Heads up regarding the upcoming *CDSS Group Affiliates survey*
   - A *call for volunteers *interested in developing organizer resources.
   - *Join CDSS as an affiliate and individual member to help make
   resources and supports like these possible!*

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