Dear Shared Weight callers,

Do you have experience in WordPress design? Do you love Shared Weight? Shared 
Weight is looking for a volunteer to help us on a well-defined website 
development task. Essentially, we need someone to create a wordpress site that 
will serve as a new website for:

Here are a few details:

--> There would be a few additional pages to what is on the current site, but 
as you can see, our needs are relatively basic. (Template/model pages for each 
of the lists, FAQ for the whole site, etc)

--> The Shared Weight team would like to have some say into the look of the 
site but we also welcome your ideas.

--> You will not need to be responsible for maintaining the site - simply 
creating the templates will be a great help! We will provide all the content 
for the site and can even populate the content once you have created the 
template if you don’t want to do the initial upload of text.

Please email Emily at if you are interested in helping us on 
this project.

***An exciting heads up about Shared Weight*** The new wordpress site is part 
of an exciting new initiative for Shared Weight. Seth Seeger and Chris Weiler 
(Shared Weight founders) have partnered with Ridge Kennedy (Trad Dance caller 
listserv), Alan Winston (English Country dance listserv), and Weogo Reed 
(Contra Sound Forum) to collectively update and enhance the lists. All six 
lists will be hosted on an upgraded Shared Weight software platform with the 
new website and better mailing list software. We will also be doing lots more 
promotion of these lists.  Emily (CDSS Consultant) is helping to coordinate 
some of this work and so am the contact for finding a wordpress volunteer.

Watch for more updates from the Shared Weight team over the next new months!

Seth & Chris

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