Am Mittwoch, 10. August 2016, 14:27:06 CEST schrieb Dag:
> I added a 5.7 specific thing recently, which prompts the question:
> which qt version will be used in the release?

I personally would not mind bumping the minimal required versions to Qt 5.6 
and KF5 5.16 at least.

Noone (I assume) is testing things with the current minimum versions. So we 
have no idea if things even build at all.
And there is no defined target group for the release from which minimum 
versions could be derived.

* rolling-release distris have Qt 5.6 and KF5 5.2* already -> covered
* binary packages for win/osx/* would use a recent Qt/KF5 anyway -> covered
* new and older LTS distris: no idea which important ones there are and what 
cmake/Qt/KF5 they have. Perhaps something like appimage could be used as 
escape, if someone is interested in having one or the other Calligra app there

So the question is: does any Calligra app maintainer/contributor target (or 
use) any specific LTS distri? So that it makes sense to do the extra efforts 
of ifdefs or not using newer features for their fellow contributors?

SailfishOS is also porting to Qt 5.6 currently, so the people (like me) who 
look forward to get SailfishOS Documents finally use unforked Calligra code 
would be fine with Qt 5.6 as well (KF5 might be a different, more complicated 
story on SFOS, to be solved independently).


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